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December Collection

no. 244

Analogue Series.

When we need something simple yet decorative to document date & time of event!

Also before i start on the stamps, we have a small exciting thing to share!

How cute is this! Our new brass charm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Designed as a raw note or TN charm but works great as a bookmark or key chain too!

This was made into a bookmark using raw note's elastic.

If you want one too, you can get it here >> Brass Charm

Remember we mentioned about stamps to fill up awkward spaces a few posts back?

Here we are with them!

Filler stamps sets! Comes in a set of 4.

Also if you're wondering why the tape looks dirty, its because i've recycled it... hahaha.

We have 3 sets of filler sets for now & hope to have more in the future!

stamps used:

no. 244

no. 240

no. 233

no. 207 filler set & the yellow part!

no. 208 filler set

Stamps used:

no, 209 filler set

no. 208 filler set

no. 238 ticket

no. 193 flora

no. 160 magnifying glass