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Our Story

Raw Market Shop

Founded in 2012. Raw Market Shop started off as a hobby.

We were designing stamps for our own personal use, purely for our own fun!

We took photos of our decorated journal and shared it on Instagram and started getting requests from strangers all over the world wanting to purchase our stamps.

Fast forward a few years, we decided to start our own little shop to where we are today.

Many from strangers to friends.

We aspire to create a space where you can safe keep your mind design, memories & recipe for everything. A space where you could write freely and remember them.


'Raw' here refers to the initial idea, the unprocessed thoughts, emotion and design. Preserving and reliving the primary emotions of a particular day or event.

We would like you to be able to remember and rediscover these feelings when you look back in your journals.

At the same time, promoting self love in this fast-paced world.

Please take your time to find what you truly love doing,


A place where people gather

We would like to create a space where people with similar hobbies come together. Creating a small community to share ideas and creations.

A place where new friends bond over hobbies.

A location where you could get your supplies.

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