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Saving the little pieces of tapes

I love using tapes in small sections as pictured above!

When using in small section means i could include more of different designs! (same concept when purchasing washi samples)

I've only recently started wrapping my stamps individually after my hand injury & it has been therapeutic and i've been having so much fun!

Even though they're really time consuming, its rewarding to see the collection of wrapped goods grow.

And definitely a reason for me to buy more tapes.... because i need them.

I'm a big fan of solid colour tapes! (as you can see, haha)

Personally feel that solid colours gives more opportunity to play around with colours and designs.

So in this post, we'll be sharing ways of how we can give these little pieces of tapes a new life!

wrapping a 3cm by 3cm stamp:

i had a small strip of paper left & this was wrapped at almost the end of the day i was pretty drained.

&&&& the paper was a 98% fit. 1 little pink tape & a dotted triangle stamp saved me.

- use it to attach photos or papers into your journal.

- to mark out or highlight event dates on calendar / or just decorate(:

- use it to label your photos

- use it to bookmark your notebook

-use it on your inspiration wall / photo wall

trust me, you'll need sooooooooooooooo much tape on this wall.

- use it to seal your envelopes, paper bags, everything.

- use it to..... wrap your christmas presents this year,

Have fun!