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We're Back

We're (finally) back with the creative team call results (after much procrastination)

In a blink of an eye we're already half past 2018 & how much from your resolution have you achieved? I'm still working on it but a good half way there!

To have a creative team (start something small to have a go)

Here I am about to cross one out thanks to all of you!

At the same time, I am also working on my personal blog page (procrastinated from the beginning of the year and i am finally starting on it) to probably share more on my personal life (so you kinda know what I am doing when I'm not in the studio)

Back to creative team call - We have picked a few & looking forward to your creations!

Let's welcome:


Kenry Chan


Yen Chin


Venice Lor


Tracy L.



I'll be sending you girls email the coming Tuesday(:


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