Analogue Series

I've been wanting to do these awhile ago but never knew how i wanted them to be.

I had a rough idea in mind. Just needed a more in depth 'view' of how they will be used.

We all will have to admit we can't write straight at times! & wished we have lines we could input wherever we want. Something simple yet versatile.

& they fit horizontally in Regular TN/Raw Note!

Vertical works perfectly too!

: was trying to figure out the placement of the polaroids.

Multi ways of using these sets!

Creating your own ledger paper with no. 319 set

will update with a colour-stamped version!

Simple quick wrapping & lines for you to fill in receiver's names or contents.

and of course, on envelopes & paper bags! Address, names & every other thing you need to write or label.

Part of the stamps are designed for bujo ( say yay!)

: we'll update this space with more photos from this series! Meanwhile, enjoy & hopefully these can inspire you!

Thank you!



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