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Index 1: Writing / What does 'raw' stands for

I have to admit that i haven't been writing for awhile and i've felt lost. Lost of direction, inspiration and probably motivation too.

& so many ideas that get stuck in my head, not being able to execute any of those ideas! I have no idea where to start and how to start.

I've been wanting to do this for the longest time where i would write something (on paper) & scan or take a photo to make it part of the content



Every handwritten note is a different piece of story and its you.

(even for this post i had to write stuff down!)

Limits are often set by ourselves : what you can or cannot do/write.

You don't need an expensive writing tool nor an expensive notebook to start. Grab anything you have even if its just a piece of paper and start! ( a reminder for myself)

I don't really enjoy looking/reading back at my older entries. Always makes me feel like i've poured out too much feelings or i was being too sensitive BUT it was how you felt back then and its not wrong. If writing can help you move forward, just do it.

Finding a reason to write

or maybe you don't actually need one to start writing? You'll find out along the way. Everyone writes for a different reason, some write to pour out feelings, some write to remember, some write to share.

Raw Market Shop

When people ask me why Raw Market? Project Raw has been with me ever since i was still in school. I did an architecture/interior design project on where people come into the shared space and have multiple ways of sharing ideas and get inspired by others.

But everyone have to contribute by writing their thoughts or something down and deposit it at the space where the next user could see/read/use.

First batch of packaging stickers that we created before we even had our logo. I just wanted a simple typeface.

Raw : in its natural, unprocessed state.

> the initial thought that kickstarts you: every idea comes from somewhere but it gets distorted and changed along its way due to the rationality and functionality of that idea. But without that initial idea, you wouldn't have your final product.

So this is the 'initial thought' that i would like the users (in this case, you/us) to write down whenever we have an idea or even feelings, anything!

Market > is where people gather, meeting familiar places, have a quick catch up and getting your groceries(stationery).

Hope we can keep up with our writings & we'll love to see what you write as well



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