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October 2019 Analogue Series : thought/design process & how to use them

Its about time we make something new.

In this series, we wanted something (1) Simple, (2) Easy to use, (3) Versatile & Functional.

& also incoporating my favourite: numbers, letters & dates.

(1) Something simple

Not too overwhelming so it can still be layered with other stamps & at the same time it doesn't look plain if its being used alone

mainly for writing dates, titles, names & to label

(2) Easy to use

A design that you would understand (i hope!) easily on how you would apply it to your journal, so many possibilities!

(3) Versatile & Functional

I wish i could bring all my stamps out every time I'm out for a trip/travel but we could only pack some essentials or stamps you think you would use

A stamp(s) that can be used as date indicator, frame/title border, decoration. We included space for you to write as well!

Also hopefully we can reduce the amount of stamps we need to bring out but i know its impossible haha, we need everything on hand. we might need it.

- First sketch

Usually we have a rough idea of how we want the collection to be like but definitely not sure of how the design of the stamps would turn out.

Sketching out before we digitalise it.

Notes(details) like increase font size, widen the gap, design 1 & 2 too alike, etc...

Despite each individual stamp is different, we want it to be able to work well together as a collection/series.

- Every half of each stamp can be used as its own design

more notes after digitalising - printing them so we get a better visual on the sizing & if the elements are too big/small.

After many rounds of editing > printing > editing >

This is our finalised designs!

How to use:

In this layout we split no.328 into 2 different areas.

This is what we meant by "Every half of each stamp can be used seperately"