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Our choice of Journals for 2020

It's true that time flies but as long as you've enjoyed your time wherever you are, time's not wasted!

We're almost at the end of the first quarter and here's my set up for 2020 (how long do you actually take to decide on what journals to use? ) I've only decided mine mid jan!

People always wonder: why do you need more than 1 notebook/ so many notebooks????????

well, we do and here's why - we have so many things to take note of!

1. Ring notebook (A5) for my daily tasks, all the notes i need for work & meal planning. Basically life(memory) support. + Monthly Planner.

2. Grey Regular Raw note for other work notes which I don't want to mix with Raw Market Shop notes - i'm using a plain insert as there'll be plenty of doodling

3. MD : habit tracker (colour project) + idea dump (mainly raw market shop stuff)

4. 5 year diary: achievements, events, kids growth & family

5. Photo Journal - that stuff we all do ( i have 2 ongoing at the moment, 1 for regular days & 1 for roadtrip in dec)

I tend to keep my set ups simple as i just need quite the basics. *(excessive amount of stamps are basic needs)

Hope you have a great & fun-filled 2020!